Sharing our love of the great outdoors

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors that our Creator packed with wonder. With your bags packed, a gun or fishing pole in toe and thoughts of tight lines and crosshairs dancing in your head, you’ve got nowhere to go but outside! And that’s just what you’re going to do when you are with Serve Outdoors. Not only do we provide safe hunting & fishing adventures for our participants, our volunteers are always eager to serve up plenty of stories and hunting camp fun. Thanks to the blessings of our many supporters, land owners and volunteers, your adventure with us will fill your tank with memories that will last a lifetime. Although we are chasing fish & game, our mission is really about people. Making friends, sharing stories, creating memories, and letting folks know that we will help them break through life's challenges. Our participants have taught us that one's spirit can break through any barrier. Our role is simply helping with those barriers so that spirits may soar!


Our Mission is  simple, find the resources to take folks huntin' & fishin'. But not just regular folks, extraordinary folks! Folks who don't believe in layin' down when faced with a challenge. Folks who have served our nation. From veterans to disabled folks, seniors to children, if there is a barrier that you need assistance with to put you back out into the great outdoors, we are here for you!

We have partnered with some wonderful folks who own or manage hunting locations and waterfront property and we find folks who need help with a barrier and an opportunity to get outdoors. Our mission is to connect these two groups of folks together at events that leave all involved simply amazed at the power of the human spirit. We are fully insured and provide safe outdoor recreation opportunities for our participants. We all volunteer our time and energy in an effort to impact lives.

What we're all about.....

Serve Outdoors Matagorda Bay Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that assists disabled individuals, veterans, disabled veterans, youth, special needs folks and the elderly experience the great outdoors on hunting & fishing adventures.