Not your normal Gun Range ……


​To join our range, an on-site interview, safety course, and application process must be completed by appointment only.
If you are interested in joining our range, please contact one of our certified RSO's listed & scroll down to learn how your support can further our mission. 

Cajun Haven Q&A's
Is there a caliber restriction at Cajun Haven?
.338 or smaller unless scheduled with a qualifying RSO on-site

Is rapid-fire allowed?
No. However, if you are a veteran with rapid fire, contact a Serve Outdoors director for possible accommodations

Can I bring my UTV or ATV to Cajun Haven?
No. It is not allowed for insurance purposes.

Can donors use the facility for a get together or private function?
Lifetime donors can reserve the facility for functions. All others must get approval from a Serve Outdoors director.

Where do I park when visiting the range?
Shotgun - Park across the ditch along the road.
Firing line - Park on North side of firing line.
No using the road in the middle, and absolutely no driving in the open pasture.
Archery - Park near the old 5th wheel trailer (when dry) at the North end of the archery course.

Can I use the pit for cooking?
You may use the pit for cooking with OAK ONLY!!! Area must be cleaned up after use.

Can I get into the clubhouse for restroom use?
The clubhouse & equipment shed is only for Serve Outdoors use. The portable johns may be used.

Can I access the firing line while 4-H is practicing?
No. Only 4-H certified instructors are allowed on the firing line during practice time.

Am I required to pickup spent casings & shot shells?
Yes. Please deposit in the trashcans available.

What do I need to have with me to show that I have range access?
A picture ID such as a drivers license, an original issued gate key, and a copy or picture of receipt.

If I only plan to use one amenity such as archery, am I required to pay the $200 fee?
Yes. Currently, this is the only access package we offer.

Can I shoot a crossbow on the archery course.
No. If we see enough interest, we may offer crossbow targets in the future.

Are firearms allowed on the archey course?
No firearms are allowed on the archery course.

Who can be considered a guest?
Immediate family members. As a certified Range Safety Supervisor, you carry liability for any guests.

How do I know when I can walk towards the targets at the firing line?
A verbal "CLEAR" must be announced, eye contact must be made to all on firing line
All other folks must be behind the rail (off of the concrete) before walking toward the targets.

Thank you for your interest in Cajun Haven Range & Sporting Club (CHRSC). CHRSC is operated by Serve Outdoors Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving disabled folks, youth, veterans, disabled veterans, special needs children and senior citizens by providing them with hunting, fishing, and shooting opportunities. By joining our mission as a shooting sports donor, you can play a vital role in impacting lives. Please read below to understand the relationship between Serve Outdoors Inc. and Cajun Haven Range & Sporting Club.

CHRSC is 100% owned by Serve Outdoors Inc. (SO) and shall be operated by volunteers of the organization. Your donation to SO will provide you with access to an outdoor shooting facility in a safe and friendly environment in exchange for supporting our mission of providing the same access to those who need assistance. We are stewards of the faith and support placed into and upon us to fulfill the SO mission. This support of donors like you is to enrich, not "In Rich".

To conduct this mission, we will utilize CHRSC as follows:

Youth Shooting Sports teams will use CHRSC at no cost

 >> Administered through 4-H and/or FFA

Coaching Certifications
Sanctioned Competitions
Fund raising

Serve Outdoors Inc. Fund Raising Events

The first Saturday in May of each year is our annual Blast & Boil fund raiser with many shooting competitions open to the public.

The range will be closed Thursday – Sunday each year during this week

Serve Outdoors Inc. adaptive shooting equipment development trials & fittings.

Disabled shooters will be allowed to trial adaptive equipment, sight-in weapons, and will be accommodated.


Concealed Handgun License Classes & Firearm Safety Instruction

Serve Outdoors will offer local instructors the facility to host CHL & firearm safety classes at CHRSC.


Hunters Education

Serve Outdoors has partnered with certified instructors to offer these one-day sessions, and dates will be communicated as scheduled.


CHRSC will be available to you in exchange for your donation to our mission as follows:

1 year range access for a $200 donation to Serve Outdoors Inc.

Lifetime access for a $3,000 donation to Serve Outdoors Inc.

Shooting Amenities Offered:

140’ covered firing line
25 yard handgun range
50 yard rifle range
100 yard rifle range
Skeet field
Mattarelli Throwers
3-D realistic scenario archery course with up to 15 targets
*Trap field and 300 yard rifle range coming soon

Hours of access:

9:00AM – 6:00PM, 7 days a week – Certain “black-out” days and/or times to accommodate our mission stated above will be communicated and posted as available